Using the Videos

Use of video content plays an important role in facilitating the lesson plans found Each video has been assigned a number. If a video is required for the lesson, it will reference a number that corresponds to videos found on the flash drive.

It will look like this-

From Foster to Famous Video 17

In this case you would reference video 17 on the Flash drive.

The videos are used for a variety of CRD programs and are therefore not in order.


You may obtain a Flash Drive containing the videos from the CRD.

Ask your Site Tech to install the free district approved VLC player. It is a great player that will be able to play the videos on the flash drive. Windows Media Player should already be on your computer and can also play the videos.

To play the videos from the flash drive simply copy the files from the flash to your computer. Once they are copied over simply navigate to the file, double click it, and press play. You will have the option to play the video full screen by pressing the button in the bottom right hand corner of the video player

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