Sorting the influences

Above the Influence-Sorting your friends

Hook 1- Play Influences Vido


The video ends with two take away lines-

  1. Who are your influences?
  2. It’s up to you!

Lead a class discussion about influences. Ask students the following questions.

  1. What does influence mean?
  2. How do people influence each other?
  3. How does media and culture influence you?
  4. What is media, list at least 3 types. (T.V., Internet, Print, Billboards, etc.)
  5. What is culture?

Ask students to individually make a list of the people they spend the most time with. Students need to list as many people as possible that they have regular contact with.

Memory Joggers- Teammates, Classmates, Siblings, Relatives, Neighborhood Friends, Friends involved in activities with them, etc.

Give students a few minutes to write the list. Monitor the progress. As students complete the list show the next video hook.

Hook 2– Play the sorting video.


After showing the video of the sorter, explain to students why they need an internal sorter. They need to sort the people in their life, separating the positive influences from the negative ones.

Action step adopted from Arel Moodies “Your Starting Point For Student Success” Page 131

Next to the names of the influencers in your life you will add a plus or minus sign.

A plus sign represents people who have values similar to yours or values that motivate you to move forward in your life. These are the people who support you and will help you on your journey to success.

A minus sign represents those who are negative influences in your life. These are the people who you feel are not helping you along your journey to success.

You want to spend more time with the plusses and less time with the minuses, it’s that simple and that hard.

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