Shopping, Eating, Driving, Privacy

Shopping Savvy
To get the best deal, you need to learn. Shopping Savvy is getting what you need at the best price.   You will be most successful in getting more for your money if you practice shopping techniques that are easy for you to do.

Hunger Attack
How do you feed your appetite? Teens spend big bucks to keep their hunger satisfied. And no wonder, food is everywhere, making it easy to pick up a quick bite here or a meal there. Where you choose to get your food determines how much money you spend.

Car Costs
What kind of car is right for you? If you are like most people, the biggest thing that will affect your next car choice is money. How much money can you afford to spend on a car?

Privacy Please
You’ve probably heard people talking about identity theft. Maybe it’s even happened to you or to someone you know. But what exactly is identity theft? Find out what it is, and how to avoid.

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