Money Talks for Youth


My Money Personality
Surprise Gift! You just got $100!!! What will you do with it? Discover your money personality inside.

Checking Accounts
At this point in your life you have probably begun wondering what you are going to do next: find a job, go to college, enlist, or buy a car. Financial responsibility is sure to be one of these things, and having a checking account is a big part of your financial future.

Savings Account
It’s finally payday! But what are you going to do with your hard-earned money? Go shopping, put some away for college, see a movie, take a trip? It is very important to pay yourself.  No matter what you decide, consider making your savings account your first stop.

Savings Made Simple
Most everyone agrees that saving money is important. The problem is getting started. Many people believe saving money is hard to do. However, it can be easy and simple. The trick is to find easy ways to save that work for YOU.

Technological developments have made life easier and more fun. It’s not surprising that technology has also changed the way we bank. E-banking is increasingly popular. So what is e-banking?

Keys to Credit
Having good credit pays — in dollars and cents. In an ever-tightening credit market, having a solid credit history with a credit score well over 700 will open doors to money-saving opportunities

Dealing with Credit Cards
A first credit card is an exciting experience: a symbol of reaching adulthood and the ability to buy whatever you want. But with the excitement comes new responsibilities. Each type of card has its own responsibilities, so it is important to choose the right card for you.



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