Miscellaneous Resources

Company Research Lesson Final

Things not to Do Interview

All materials are available at the CRD.

The following miscellaneous resources consist of DVD’S, Job Applications, and various student guides.

-Life Skills DVD Series-This is a good DVD series consisting of very short, 7-9 minute videos featuring the topics listed below.

Teachers and Authority

Public Manners

Attitude towards School

Attitude towards Teamwork

Dining Etiquette

Cell Phone Etiquette

Office Etiquette

-Career Guide DVD-This is a good DVD that explores the nature of 8 careers by interviewing real people on the job. From a weather woman to a Park Interpreter(ranger) students get a first hand look at a variety of careers.

Miscellaneous Job Applications form local business

-Behavior Guides

-Job Search Data pocket Guides

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