Making My Own Job

Show VIDEO 28 -This is a short clip of Steve Jobs talking about the passion it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Activity One
In this activity, teens will explore reasons why a person may want to become an entrepreneur, and consider which of those reasons interest them most.

Activity Two
In this activity, teens will try to come up with a business idea that would be a good match for their personality and situation.

Activity Three
In this activity, teens will learn about business plans.

Additional Resources

Complete Leaders Guide
You may or may not need the complete leaders guide. All lessons featured above were pulled from the complete guide in order to make them easier to present to students.

Teen Guide
Teen guides should be given to each student. You may or may not have hard copies of the guide. It is here if you need it.

You may or may not choose to use the assessments based on your programs needs and requirements.

Power Point
Power Points are supplemental and may or my not be used depending on the available technology required to present them.

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