Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 1

As students walk into class shake their hand. Give each student a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to write their name on the paper vertically. Have the attached EXAMPLE on the screen. This will give students something to work on as they walk in.

Once all students have arrived and put their name on the scratch paper, give them the instructions for the name lesson. The instructions are simple; write your name vertically on the paper using Bubble Letters. Each letter in your name will stand for an adjective describing a characteristic about you. Show EXAMPLE.

The paper you passed out as they walked into the room was a rough draft. Once students have finished the rough draft they need to show it to you. Once you have approved it they may start on the final draft. Give students the final draft paper and markers. They need to start with pencil and then finish with colored markers.
After all students have finished their final draft, they will present their artwork to the class. The students will say their name, and the adjectives that describe themselves.

This is a great intro lesson and will help everyone get to know each other.

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