Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 9

HABIT 3-Put First Things First

Play VIDEO 6

Time management-Time management is an essential component of success. Read pages 106 and 107 from the 7 steps of a successful teen book out loud in class.

PRINT -One for each student-Read and Discuss

PRINT copies of the calendar and give one to each student. Ask students to fill in the various activities that they did the previous day. Students will do an hour by hour account of all the activities they did between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. Ask students to write neatly as we will use this same calendar for an activity later on.

Once the calendar is completed you will look at 4 time quadrants and determine where the activities from the previous lesson fit into the various time quadrants. PRINT the time quadrants PDF. Go over the first two pages with students and have students fill out the 3rd page. Students should fill out the blank time quadrants sheet on page 3 using the information they put into their calendar.

Now ask students to plan their week. They need to fill in all of the things they will be doing for the next 4 week days. They should include school, sports activities, work, family obligations, etc.

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