Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 8

Activity-Goal Setting

Play VIDEO 5

PRINT– One for Each Student- Read as a class.

Show VIDEO 25 – This clip from Batman rises illustrates the point of the story you just read. Unless you are fully committed, free of a safety net, it is hard to succeed.

Share with students massive action you may have taken in your life to accomplish major goals. Talk about the catalyst for the massive action, the process of the massive action, and the results. Get real with them!

SHOW tips for goal setting on the screen. More than anything else when it comes to goal setting write it down!

PRINT -One for each student.

Now students need to write a list of both short and long term goals. Short term goals should take them through the end of the school year, what do they want to do before the end of this school year? Long term goals could include life after high school such as college, the military, or the workforce. Even longer term goals may include plans for a career, family, and lifestyle.

Students need to write their goals down.

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