Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 7

HOOK-Play Video 4 Michael Jordan Dunks Video

PRINT-One for Each Student

Give students the Michael Jordan quotes and read aloud. Call on students randomly and have each student read one quote. (Michael Jordan has some great quotes. He was cut from his high school basketball team. You can mention this to the students)

CROSSROADS-Have students turn to page 76 of the 7 habits book. Read the section The Crossroads of Life.

PRINT– One for Each Student (If 7 Habits book is available you do NOT need to print this)

Play Video 19- Show this inspirational video about Wilma Rudolph. After the video break the students into groups of two and ask them to discuss the video. After 2-3 minutes ask students to share out.

Activity-The great discovery

PRINT-One for Each Student. Pass this out and have the students complete this individually.

Activity-Creating a personal mission statement. Click on the following link to create your mission statement.


IF YOU ARE OFF-LINE- Review THIS with your students, they can type the answers into a word processor, or hand write them in their notebooks.

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