Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 6

The Man in the mirror-Look at yourself and make a change!

HOOK-Play VIDEO 6 – Michael Jackson’s the man in the mirror.

Read page 31 through the top of page 33 of 7 habits book. Sean Covey, the author of the book would never had made it to the big game if he had given up.

PRINT– One for Each Student (If 7 habits books are available you do not need to print this)

Play VIDEO 30

After watching the video, ask students this question-Would it have been easier to give up rather than working hard to win the game with only 2 minutes left?

Supplemental Activity-You will need supplies for this activity.
Supplies needed- Magazines, scissors, poster board, glue.

ACTIVITY-COLLAGE- Create a collage to show what kind of person you would like to become and the qualities you value most.

DISCUSS-How to Make a Collage. Begin making a collage.

Examples can be found HERE. Scroll down the page to find the collage examples.


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