Lessons For Success (LFS) Lesson 3

PRINT quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson about habits. (one for each  student)

Pass out the quote as students walk into the room. Once everyone has arrived read the quote out loud and discuss.

•Habits Lesson-

Talk about habits with students. Quiz students on their habits, where
they go during lunch, where they hang out, etc. Get them to realize they have habits. Share your habits with them. Group students in pairs, have students work with the same partner from the prior exercise and ask them to discuss habits they have. This can be super simple like, ”I always walk the same way to school” or “I always hang out at the same place between 1st and 2nd period”.  Students will need to individually report to class about their habits.

•After students have shared out, discuss with them how habits, good or bad, shape who
they are. Now pass out copies of “7 habits of highly effective teens”. Ask students to turn to page 5. Call on students randomly from the roll sheet, or use a previously established policy for asking students to answer. Have students read each of the 7 habits from page 5.

•Discuss with students the benefits of making positive habits a part of their life. Use each
of the 7 habits to generate discussion. Ask the students, randomly, about each habit. Analyze each of the habits with the students.

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