Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 2

Pairing Activity

PAIRING TECHNIQUE-Print each page of this document a different color and cut out the individual questions and answers.
Pairing-In this activity students will increase their level of comfort with each other while learning about the heart of what we are teaching in terms of career skills. You may have done this in the Mangione training or a similar workshop. You should have small color coded pieces of paper with questions and corresponding answers. You will break students into groups based on the color of paper they have. Once in their group, students with questions need to find the students with the corresponding answer. All of the questions and answers are career prep related and will lead into the lecture you will give.

•This lesson will encourage interaction among students, and get them up and moving.

Once students have matched the questions and answers, put the PAIRING TECHNIQUE ANSWERS, have students verbally give the answers out loud. This will be your lecture. Once a student gives the answer to the question you can elaborate as much as you want.

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