Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 15


Play VIDEO 31

PRINT– One for Each Student

Break students into groups of 2. Have students read through the handout and discuss. After 3-5 minutes discuss as a class. Ask students if they can think of real world scenarios they have encountered either in school or on the job where they have used initiative.

Break students into groups of 4 or 5 depending on the size of the class. Pass out one of the INITIATIVE SKITS to each group. Each group of students will need to read, analyze, organize, and present the information for their scenario as a skit.

EXTRA-Taking the last shot in a big game takes initiative.
Play VIDEO 10 which shows the biggest NBA buzzer beaters in playoff history. Talk with students about what it would feel like to have the game in their hands, with one last chance to score.

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