Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 11


HOOK-Play Video 11

READ page 164 and the top of page 165.

Talk about the 5 poor listening styles on page 168. (SCAN THE CARTOON IMAGES OF THE POOR LISTENING STYLES)

Seeking to be understood-Read page 178 through the story at the bottom.

Do a listening and speaking activity. Break the class into two groups evenly and randomly. Make one group the A group, and the other group the B group. Ask them the following question.

When thinking about your education, how much of the responsibility is yours. Is it 100% or 0%?

If getting an education is 100 percent your responsibility than you will do whatever it takes to get an education regardless or your circumstances. It does not matter if your parents, teachers, or friends help you or not, you will learn and be successful.

If getting an education is 0% your responsibility you believe it is up to everyone else to make sure you get an education.

A group- People in this group believe getting an education is 0-49% their responsibility.

B Group- People in this group believe getting an education is 50-100% their responsibility.

Line up against the wall according to the level of responsibility you take in your own education.The A group will line up on one wall. The B group will line up on the opposite wall.

Once you have lined up look across the room and pair up with the person directly across from you. The A group will speak first. They will say why they feel they are the % they are. For instance, I feel my education is 50% my responsibility and 50% the responsibility of my teachers and my parents. I am willing to do my part, but I expect others to do their part as well. After the A group speaks, the B group needs to repeat back to them what they said. After the B group repeats back what the A group says, the A group rates there response. Each person need to be a speaker and a listener.

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