Lessons for Success (LFS) Lesson 10

HABIT 4-Win-Win

Read Pages 152-154 of the 7 habits book. Start with the Win-Win the all you can eat buffet and end after the two bullet points at the top of 154.

PRINT – Once class set. Cut the various scenarios up and pass them out to groups. There are 7 win/win win/lose scenarios. Group students accourdingly. After passing out the scenarios ask each group to decide whether each their scenario is a WIN-WIN or WIN LOSE

Each group now needs to come up with a WIN-WIN scenario of their own. They need to write it down and explain why it is a WIN-WIN. They may choose a scenario that happened at school, at home, on the job, etc. They should try and come up with a scenario that really happened. Once complete they need to report out to the group.

So how can you start having a WIN-WIN attitude? You can have a WIN-WIN attitude by avoiding extreme competition and comparing yourself to others. Read pages 155 through 158.

ACTIVITY-Pinpoint an area in your life where you most struggle with comparisons. It may be with clothes, physical features, friends, talents, or successes. List one comparison on a sheet of paper and commit to breaking that comparison habit. Remember, if you compare yourself to others two things will happen, you feel like you are better than others and become focused too much on yourself. (WIN FOR YOU LOSE FOR OTHERS) or you will feel worse than others and be filled with self doubt. (LOSE-LOSE)

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