Job Search

Job Search Hook- Show VIDEO 13 

After watching the video discuss with the class. Ask the following questions-

1-How did the girl in the video feel?

2- Can it be scary trying to find a job?

3- How can you make the job search process easier.(PRACTICE)

Activity One
In this activity, teens will learn how to begin a job search.

Activity Two
In this activity, teens will explore the job application process.

Activity Three
In this activity, teens will explore the interview process.

Additional Resources

Complete Leaders Job
You may or may not need the complete leaders guide. All lessons featured above were pulled from the complete guide in order to make them easier to present to students.

Teen Guide
Teen guides should be given to each student. You may or may not have hard copies of the guide. It is here if you need it.

You may or may not choose to use the assessments based on your programs needs and requirements.

Power Point
Power Points are supplemental and may or my not be used depending on the available technology required to present them.

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