ILP Tier 1 Lesson 4


HOOK- Play Video 9– Roadrunner Cartoon-The roadrunner cartoons illustrate the principal that working harder does not equal working more effectively.

After showing the cartoon talk about how Wile Coyote works so hard but does not accomplish much, whereas Road Runner just works smarter and accomplishes a lot. If you are not balanced in your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul it is hard to work smarter. If you are balanced however, everything is easier.

This is a really huge career skill. If you learn to work smarter, you will be very successful on the job, and in life. Show this video which demonstrates the work smarter not harder philosophy.

Play Video 20-After watching the video discuss as a class.

NOTE-If a class set is available NO printing is necessary-Follow the list below!

PRINT-One for Each Student if class set is NOT available.

Distribute the prints or direct students to turn to the proper page in their books. Have students read allowed. Discuss as a class.

DISREGARD the list below if a printed class set is available. If you have a CLASS SET OF BOOKS use the page numbers below.
(BOOK- 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens)

Read pages 206 through the section on Balance is better on page 207.
So how do we find balance?
Read the sections on caring for your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.
Body-Read the 1-10 List on Page 208
Mind-Read the List on page 218
Heart-Read the lists at the top of page 229.
Soul-Read the list on page 234-235.
Do the activity on page 45 of the 7 habits work book.

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