ILP Tiers

The mission of the ILP (Independent Living Program) is to provide foster youth with the resources they need to transition from foster care to Independent living. The ILP is one component of this transitional process for our youth. We are part of the team consisting of the youth, the foster family, and the DHS.

The CRD is responsible for facilitating two ILP programs. Tier one and Tier 2. The Tier 1 program serves Foster Youth still in high school ages 14 to 19. The Tier 2 program serves Foster Youth who are post high school ages 18 to 20.

Although both Tiers primary goal is to enable Independent Living for our Foster Youth, the Tier 1 program focuses on high school graduation with an emphasis on life skills that transcend high school and crossover into the workplace. Tier 2 focuses on life skills and job/career skills.

Specific skills addressed in the ILP are Financial Literacy, Job/career, Life Skills, Education, Identity, Permanence, Self care/Health Care, Housing, Transportation, and Community Culture/Social Life.

Tier 1

Tier 2


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