ILP Tier 1

The Tier 1 program is a structured to bring the community of students together through a series of Independent Living Skills lessons. The lessons are designed to teach students self-awareness, perseverance, goal setting, and practical independent living skills.

You will need to do some preparation prior to administering the Casey On-Line Assessment. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to set that up.

Lesson 1
Intro to program

Lesson 2
Learning from our failures

Lesson 3
Goal Setting

Lesson 4
Work smarter, not harder!

Lesson 5
Interpersonal Skills-Learning to talk about yourself

Lesson 6
Pursuit of Happyness-Clips from the film with a script for a guided discussion on barriers to success

Lesson 7
Anger Management

Lesson 8
Hunger Attack-Strategies for managing your food budget

Lesson 9
Shopping Savvy-Strategies for managing your shopping budget

Lesson 10
Car Costs-Strstrategies for managing your transportation budget

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