BCCT’s Auto Tech


Another program that is offered by the Kern High School District’s Career Resource Department is Blue Collar Career Training’s Auto Tech. This course will focus on the skills necessary to get an entry level position at a tire shop or lube shop. Students will learn how to write a service repair order, check front end alignments, perform vehicle safety checks, perform an oil change, evaluate engine codes, and check and repair brakes. Shop safety will also be covered throughout the course. Auto tech gives the young men and women in the program a chance to start their careers without a college degree. The facilitator understands that not everyone is meant to go to college, but they still need post-secondary training.  The students get exclusive training from Mario Lizarraga at the Kern High School District- Transportation Department for five weeks totaling 120 hours. After successfully completing training the students will meet at the CRD with Job Coach Natasha Hughes to go over safety procedures, work agreements, and drug testing. After completing all of their requirements they will be sent to different mechanic shops all over Kern County getting 250 hours of work experience.



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