In-School Youth Programs



Career Training Internship Education & Summer

C-TIES offers pre-employment education and workforce development for juniors and seniors attending a comprehensive high school.  C-TIES is divided into two segments:  school year workshops and paid summer work experience. Through C-TIES participation, school attendance, and academic achievement,  participants become eligible for paid summer work experience.

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Independent Living Program

An eight week instructional class focusing on life skills, post –secondary education , employment and self-sufficiency. This collaborative program between CRD and the Department of Human Services is design to assist foster youth transition to independence.

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Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program

RAMP is a nation-wide 14-month program that focuses on providing career-based mentoring, leadership and career development, and exposure to STEM industries. During the school year, youth participate in weekly career exploration and preparation in STEM industries and meet regularly with a mentor recruited from the community to help them set goals for their future. Participants attend career fairs and visit college campuses and end the program with completion of a high-tech project.

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Quest 4 Success

Quest 4 Success offers pre-employment education and workforce development for juniors and seniors attending a participating continuation high school. Students attend a 6-week after-school class taught by a credentialed teacher for which they receive elective credits. The class is followed by  6 weeks of paid work experience.

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Out Of School Youth Programs



Adolescent Career Transition

ACT is designed to assist youth age 18-24 who are emancipating from the foster care system achieve self–sufficiency.  Vocational training followed by up to 250 hours of paid work experience is coupled with life skills courses to assist youth with the transition to adulthood.  Referrals to this program are made via Department of  Human Services which continues to work with CRD staff to ensure the success of the young adults. Incentives are available to eligible participants providing further motivation for success

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Blue Collar Career Training

This program is designed to provide occupational skills training for high school graduates ages 18-24 followed by up to 250 hours of paid work experience in the industry of training.  The areas are Warehouse Worker and Materials Handler, Building Industries and Welding.  Incentives are paid to participants during the classroom training.

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Careers, Schools, Success

CS² is designed for high school graduates ages 18-24 who need life skills and vocational training to successfully transition into self-sufficient adulthood. CS² consists of vocational training in the youth’s area of interest. Successful completion moves participants to up to 250 hours of paid work experience in the private sector coupled with ongoing workshops to reinforce soft skills.  Job search assistance is available to those who have not yet found unsubsidized employment.

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Transitional Age Youth

The goal of the TAY program is to provide youth with valuable employment resources while promoting job readiness skills. In addition, this program will prepare youth to become a successful employee by effectively using interpersonal skills through the understanding and interaction of soft skills preparation.




Re-entry Education Attainment Program

Recognized by US Department  of Labor and the  National Youth Employment Coalition with a 2002 PEPNet award, REAP is designed to give high school drop-out youth age 18 to 24 the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or GED, learn employability skills through vocational training and paid work experience, and improve self-esteem. Staff motivates,  encourages, and assists REAP clients in the re-enrollment process that eventually leads to self-sufficiency. Participants are monitored for school attendance and progress throughout the year and are provided with life/soft skills, career exploration, incentive stipends, and supportive services to help motivate them to stay in school and graduate.

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Adult Programs


Careers 4 Success

Career 4 Success is a paid work experience program consisting of up to 250 hours of paid work experience, work readiness, and academic enrichment.  Careers 4 Success participants may be placed in a variety of occupations and worksites.  Placements are made with considerations of English language skills, occupational skills, interest, transportation and child care.

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Farmworker Opportunity Program

CRD provides assistance to qualifying farm workers 18 and over and their dependents (18+) who have the legal right to work in the United States and are income eligible. FOP provides up to 250 hours of paid work experience in Greater Bakersfield .Those in need of educational enhancement are enrolled at BAS.

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CRD works in conjunction with Department of Human Services and Employers’ Training Resource to provide 6 months of paid work experience to Cal WORKs recipients who are working their way to self-sufficiency.


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