In-School Youth Programs at the CRD

CTIES – for HS juniors and seniors

Quest 4 Success – for Continuation school juniors and seniors

RAMP – Career based mentoring

Out-of-School Youth Programs at the CRD

ACT – Emancipated Youth

CS2 – High School Graduates

BCCT – Blue collar careers for HS graduates

REAP – drop-out recovery program designed to get youth re-connected to education and vocational training

TAY – Transition Aged Youth employability skills followed by paid work experience



Adult Programs at the CRD

FOP – Farmworker Opportunity Program for farmworkers or their dependents proving paid work experience

PWEX – Paid work experience for individuals on public assistance.




News & Announcements



The CRD is always offering new programs to serve our clients. The latest innovation was a robotics program for In-School youth. The program was a huge success. Students learned both technical and interpersonal skills as they worked in teams to create their robots.

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